Bactericidal ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, destroying their ability to reproduce and cause disease.

Ultraviolet radiation is an electromagnetic radiation invisible to human eye, which occupies a spectral region between visible and x-ray radiation within wavelengths of 400-10 nm.

The biological effects of ultraviolet radiation in three spectral regions are significantly different, so biologists distinguish the following ranges:

– Near UV, UV-A rays (UVA, 315-400 nm); – UV-B rays (UVB, 280–315 nm); – Far UV, UV-C rays (UVC, 100-280 nm); – UV-C wavelength in the range from 200 to 280 nm is bactericidal.  



A powerful degree of air disinfection is achieved in seconds due to high levels of electromagnetic radiation of UV wavelength range from 205 to 315 nm.  


A design and special coloring of blinds ensure a safe level of exposure in lower part of a premise, where people usually are.  


Continuous air disinfection, in upper area of premises, without additional attention and involvement of an operator.  


Fixture requires very little energy to work efficiently.  


Metal housing and original components of known Dutch company Philips, which is synonymous with quality, are used in production.  

Easy Maintenance

Periodic replacement of lamps and cleaning – all that is needed.

EURO-BLAZE UVGI Louvered Fixture design has been carefully designed to direct UV rays to purify upper air of premises in order to reduce a risk of cross-contamination and a spread of infectious diseases pathogens which are in the air.

Principle of action of EURO-BLAZE UVGI Louvered Fixtures:

1. UV rays reach only a top of premises.

2. Bacteria and viruses that are transported to the UV zone by convection or air circulation are eliminated.

3. Air disinfection in a premise is continuous.